How to Steal Blinds in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Knowing how to steal blinds in no limit Texas Holdem Poker game is one of the most assuring techniques which allow a player to stay longer. However, what actually is stealing the blinds? Basically, in a game of Texas Holdem, there are a few bets which are mandatory and purchased blinds. You must always bear in mind to raise when no one has raised before you as this indicates that you have a good hand.

However, what if you are in the blind and someone before you has raised? Then you are faced with a dilemma. To raise or not to raise? If you try to steal the blinds with the intention of folding, it will always backfire. There should be some thought in your move. When you are in blind and you see that no one has raised the pot, this could indicate that your opponents are confident in their hands or their hands are weak. Try to steal the blind in a late position or with a push.

When you notice that your opponents are checking, you can put the pressure on them. If you are in the cutoff and no one has raised the pot, this is your opportunity to steal. If you are in the small blind and no one has raised, this is your opportunity to steal. You can even go further and reraise if you feel they are uncertain about their cards.

Wheeling is also a wonderful way to win blinds. It is used to great effect in tournaments and cash games. In fact, when discussing about stealing blinds, wheeling is one of the best methods. The rule is the less the number of players in the hand, the better. If you have a high number of opponents in the hand, you will have a harder time winning. When there are fewer players in the hand, you can take a cheaper and easier risk to pick the pot.

Stealing the blinds is an important part of poker and many amateurs and professionals overlook this in favor of playing other cards. Remember that the intention of all poker players is to win money. Granted, when you pick up an extra blind you are in fact ‘winning’ money but if you do not spend it well, you will lose money.

Remember to use these moves when in time of need, however you do not want to abuse them. For example, the moment you get a premium hand, you should play it cool in your reserved surroundings. Try not to raise and reraise in a single hand. It is alright to let the hand(s) you play through. If you are trying to secure an extra chip or to get back to the money, you can play more hands, however, do not push your luck and take unnecessary risks.

Remember that you do not have to be a monster to be a winner at the poker table. Be a risk taker, be ambitious, but do not push yourself too far. Better to say rock, rather than a chip.

Never play when you are emotional or tired, as this will lessen the edge on your side and may lead you to play emotionally and possibly not allow you to make the correct moves. Take care of yourself and you will assuredly be a better player.

Above all, enjoy your game and experience what it feels like to be at the poker table, rather than thinking about how your playing the cards. Realize that you can beat your opponents, but never forget that you can also lose a lot of money.