Horse Racing Tells – How to Spot Them

Are you looking at getting involved with horse racing? Horse racing is a superb way to enjoy the sport, and to make some money of it! Given the number of betting avenues available, it’s no wonder that people get many different ideas on how to research for each game. Some people prefer to use eBooks for information, while others prefer computer software. Software can be very advanced and proficient at giving you solicited advice. lumbung88 alternatif However, you also have to be aware that since the software programs are not always hundred percent accurate, so it is wise to make sure you price your picks fairly.

Along with the information given above, there are also “tells” that give you insight on a horse’s chance of winning. Handicaps give one a rough idea regarding a horse’s chance of winning and this is described in general terms as well as the chance of winning in accordance to such: “for example, a horse carrying more than 11-1 in a weight class would be a highly probable winner, where as a horse carrying more than 9-1 would be a difficult push.”

Of course, these are general guides and if you see a champion horse carrying more than 11-1, you might safely bet on it, but bear in mind that champions are unlikely to carry their weight the entire race and therefore it is smart to shop around and balance your bets.

Betting and handicapping are two different skills that you need to master. Though you need to know what weights to put on a horse in gradation, you need to know what your odds should be. Depending on what you bet on, you need to know how to develop an appropriate return and risk transfer structure.

So, you’re ready to try betting/handicapping? Go out and find a decent platform which offers you a good mix of stats, stories and information in order to develop your own winning systems. You will need the skills and abilities to be able to spot a winner, even if you have to go with only a few horses. What you need to do is to follow the statistics and read about horses, especially in the trainer category.

Make sure you follow the races. When you bet on a race, you need to be extremely keen on the horses, their Thoughts, their feelings, their condition and odds. If you spot a horse carrying over 12-1 odds, it’s a sure bet that the price on the horse will remain static or increase with the approach of the race. Such horses will be easy come winners. Similarly, even if you think a horse ispriced a certain way, you can still back it at a much lower price. The system is pretty effective and you will not go wrong with your selections, provided you price yourself correctly. When you price correctly, you will win the race.

It’s recommended that horse racing systems be used in conjunction with stat tracking devices. Such devices will help you to identify trends, speed of victories, ages, strengths, weaknesses, iPot, yearly payouts, statistics and much more. When used properly, you can actually gain a huge role in the world of horse racing.