Ness Notes (Jan 20)

Kobe scored 50 points last night in Sacramento (his third 50-plus game this year) but it didn’t stop the Lakers from blowing a five-point lead over the last 35 seconds of regulation. LA lost 118-109 in OT and tonight plays in Phoenix against the Suns, as the second half of ESPN’s NBA doubleheader (10:35 ET). data sgp The Spurs visit Miami to take on the Heat at 8:05 ET in the first half of that doubleheader, as these two marquee games highlight a 13-game NBA card for Friday.

My free play for Friday is in the NBA. Take the Mia Heat over the SA Spurs at 8:05 ET. Although I do have a 15* in the NBA and it should be noted (pay very close attention, as I try to exploit ‘phones and the college basketball game this weekend), I have completely ‘stayed’ the Heat in these late-season outings. I do feel that this is a situation where bettors at allills or near the cutoff linewho have not had a chance to ‘coax’ their teams closer to crunch time this year SEEM to be enticing in coming out of NOW.

Ness Notes (Jan 20)

Costly? Yes. But I’m also ‘not’ interested in taking the easy money. These NBA cards are fun, but I’m not looking to make tomorrow my day. I want to win and I want to win here and there and win as part of a package deal AND win some cash because I really like these Towardsuctive, BOLD and BIZARRE selections. You won’t win all of them if you play this filed, but if you learn how to cover them, you’ll be setting yourself up for some huge downside through the season, instead of the guaranteed winning it all?

Make no mistake: I am all in favor of high risk, high reward NBA betting. It’s rare, but I also don’t care much for covering my bankroll in a fall of wins. Covering a $10 000 bankroll in a single NBA season is a lot different than a $50 deposit in a League Pass bet. And I would be more than happy to have a 50% chance during the regular season to hit that mark. But I’m not looking for guaranteed betting profits. I’m simply looking to gain a psychological edge over the home team by taking the points home from the opposition when I can. That’s a bet I like to wager on and has few equals.

That’s a bet I like to wager on and has few equals

Before the results go up late on Friday night, I watch the first half of the pre-flop and goal spread betting options I have open on one of the matches. I close the window and have a strong feeling the majority of the money will be wagered in the match in which I have selected the least favourite to win.

It doesn’t matter precisely what I predict on most of these bets. I just want to bet both sides of the attacking giants to lose (won’t happen every time, but almost every time). I win more than I lose with this method. Certainly enough to plough back the winnings to the sportsbook I bet on and turn a profit.

Of course, I…Pre-Flop 1*(£30 win £20 lose)Goal:Opponent predictions (from who knows etc)

I am certain I can find the perfect betting recipe to make a quick buck by laying bets. refine the low risk and high reward techniques. If I can learn to make profitable lay betting calls, I will surely be set for life.

Oh, and anyone who tells you that “you can’t win betting with football” is partially correct. But if you knew that, you would already be betting on every game as they do in the NFL and NBA (don’t forget to watch the referees).

This recipe is also available in a totally free 55 page ‘Backing and Laying Cards’ manual (online sales pages).